Stancil SLR Public Safety Logging Recorder

Stancil SLR supports NG9-1-1 logging today and leads the industry supporting all defined logging requirements within the Detailed Functional and Interface Standards for the NENA i3 Solution.


Record 9-1-1 communications and all ANI/ALI information. Easily search and playback calls based on time, date, location, and calltaker.


Record P25 audio including talkgroup and alias allowing for quick retrieval of recorded interaction by radio or position.


Record SMS text messages based on current NENA i3 standards. Never have to hunt through multiple systems to reconstruct an incident again.

CAD Data

Integrated CAD data allows search of interactions by CAD ID and nature of the call. Save hours fulfilling public information requests!

Location Data

Search P25 radio communications based on the location of the device allowing for review of interactions by incident location.


Record video interactions and easily distribute for freedom of information requests. The Stancil SLR supports all defined NG9-1-1 media types.


NG9-1-1 Compatible

Stancil a NENA member and Vice Chair for ICE8 testing is recognized as a leading NG9-1-1 solution provider.


Users intuitively navigate the Stancil Logging Recorder with little to no training allowing immediate productivity.


Stancil is recognized as the most reliable logging recorder available in the public safety market.


Directors have enough financial constraints to worry about, their logging recorder shouldn’t have to be one.

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