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Hell's Angels filmed in the late 1920’S

Fifteen year old Bill Stancil received an early Amateur Radio Operator’s License in 1925 awarded by Secretary of Commerce, Herbert Hoover. ‘Ham’ Radio Operators of today will recognize the vintage of the 8PF and the W6PF call signs. Barnstormed with aviation pioneer Eddie Stinson and demonstrated the Stinson Biplane to, among others, Henry Ford. It wasn’t long before Ford began production of the Trimotor which gave Stinson some unwanted competition.

Stancil, seated with lead actor Ben Lyon, started early working his way into Hollywood sound departments. You can see the back of Erich Von Stroheim who always played one sort of German or another. Hell’s Angels was a classic WWI aerial combat picture of the late 1920’s. Howard Hughes, the Producer, loved the aerial combat scenes but this was Jean Harlow’s first picture and she became such a big star that the advertising campaign changed pretty fast.


Stancil's MINITAPE™

Stancil’s MINITAPE ™ was one of the first American made portable recorders. Manufactured 32 channel dual deck recorders in 1955 Worked on first 3D film “Bwana Devil” and wide screen formats such as Cinerama and CineMiracle. Started using solid state devices and modular construction.


Stancil’s AN/GSH-34

The golden age of reel to reel recorders was ushered in By Stancil’s AN/GSH-34 - the first multi channel logging recorder to pass Mil Spec testing. This secured the first of several prime contracts for the U.S. Air Force that continued into the 90’s.


E Series digital voice logger

In 1980 Stancil Corporation was ahead of its time with the first digital voice logger based on an 8" rigid disk. It was the size of a shoe box and it weighed 23 pounds. But it did have one Megabyte to record a grand total of 33 minutes. The E Series became very successful with 64 channels on one inch tape. In 1981 the company became privately held as Stancil Corporation. The 1980’s saw the USAF as the major Stancil recorder customer. Over 700 dual deck AN/GSH-56/57 reel to reel recorders were installed in Air Forces Bases worldwide.


TEN-4™ Voice Logger

The Century began with Stancil embarking on a completely new software design for voice recorders. The TEN-4 ™ Voice Logger and the TEN-9 ™ Repeat Instant Recall systems are a part of Stancil’s VoiceXP ™ series of recording solutions.


NG9-1-1 Leader

Stancil Corporation is a leader in the recorder market. This is shown by its commitment to NG9-1-1 through to how users will interact with our systems as tablets and smartphones become mainstream. Stancil Corporation has interfaced into the leading VOIP and ROIP manufactures and have undertaken many custom developments for their OEM partners.